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Zrce Spring Break, Croatia 2022 - THANK YOU PPL !

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Travel Info
By plane, car or bus… even using Rent-a-car! You can get to Zrce Spring Break in Croatia by any means of transport. Here's some information about all the available options to help you...
World Class Entertainment

We are known for hosting the biggest parties, boasting the most well known names for Spring Break from all over the world. We line up the best of the best to rock with us on our Zrce Spring Break..

Private accommodation

All our package (except: "tickets only") will get verified apartment in Novalja on island Pag, only 2km away (5 minutes of driving) to Party zone, Zrce beach. You will also get bus wristbands for free transfers from Novalja to Zrce beach and back.

Helpful Staff

Novalja.Com (AdriaLink) travel agency situated in Novalja directly, recruit, hire, and train a team of on-site staff members for Zrce Spring Break event to assist with running our programs..

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